Join me and like-minded women on a mission to create a business and life with purpose!


1/2 Day event in the Huddersfield area (West Yorkshire) Venue TBC closer to the time.


Date: Wednesday 13th June 2018


Time: 11.30am – 3.30pm


Venue: TBC Closer to the date (Huddersfield, West Yorkshire Area)


Contact: Rebecca –


Do you ever feel inspired to do something but then never follow through with your actions?

Do you ever feel stuck in negativity and don’t know what action to take?

How heavy does it feel?

Do you ever hear yourself saying…

“I’m not good enough’

“Who am I to be worthy of success”

“I can’t charge THAT much”

“Who am I to…”

We all have disempowering, limiting beliefs whoever we are, they come in all shapes and sizes.

(I call it bullshit!)


 The truth is that you don’t have to live with these beliefs!

You do not have to let fear control your destination!

Because that’s what this is…


it is a fear that if you truly do live in your purpose then people will judge you….

you will be seen to be ‘not worthy’…


you will have to ‘become someone you are not’…

or whatever it is you tell yourself…


I know, because these were the things that I told myself on repeat and they kept me feeling small for far too long!



It is time to let go of the bullshit stories,

It’s time to shread the negative patterns,

It’s time for YOU to step up into the woman you desire to be,

To live your dreams, create your reality and be unapologetically you!


Release the limiting beliefs that are holding you back,

Step into your purpose,

Feel worthy,


Feel good enough,


Fall in love with your intentions and inspirations,

Release all judgement towards yourself and others,

Take action on your ideas and inspiration,

Show up as the woman you truly are,


Be the best version of yourself!

Create your action plan for success

Release your limiting beliefs

Gain some strategies to stay consistent AFTER the event

Build your personal strategy to show up as the best version of yourself daily

“Whilst working with Rebecca, I increased my prices by over 100% immediately and booked 8 new clients”

“I have increased my hourly rate by over 200%”

“I don’t know if I ever would have found my way without her”

I would love you to join me on this mission, to help you create your business and life with purpose! 


Just decide that your time is now! Yes, you can!

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