After a tough week at the office (aka home), I’m feeling frustrated that my (first) launch did NOT turn out the way I had envisaged it.

After many weeks (months!) of research & asking what my people want, HOW I can help them, figuring it all out & finally putting an offer out … #cuethecrickets!

I’m crying my eyes out (not just a weeks’ but a YEARS’ worth of tears) & am about to QUIT (for today anyway).

WHAT is it all for?

WHY are we putting ourselves through all this? 

WHY are we so (freakin’) hard on ourselves? 

So, I complained (okay, whinged) to my husband …

Where ARE my people? Where can I find them? Why can’t they find meee?

Pathetic. I know! 

Which was the exact MOMENT when I receive an email from one of my dreamiest clients …

 “And P.S. I think you are brilliant at what you do. I didn’t realize how brilliant until last night. Really made a huge difference having your oopmh!!”

Now, that’s some feedback … #cuethewaterworks

I had revised & tweaked her 7 pages (resource guide) FREEBIE to put some OOMPH into it & make her (tech) language FUN & come to life

That email made my day, my week, heck, my YEAR! 

She didn’t even realise how impeccable her timing was. (I told her though.)

And then I received a Facebook post from someone else … out of the blue.

On the SAME day!

Michele Cole long shadow.PNG
 “Kerstin Begley I want to kiss you and hug you and shower you with flowers, chocolate, champagne and $$$$. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! This is FAN FRIGGING TASTIC!!!!

Spooky or what?

It just shows you, you never know if people are already aware of you & your work. They may have bookmarked you & just haven’t contacted you … yet!

After a day (& weird coincidences) like that, I HAD to share it on my FB page.

I wanted to turn THIS day around into something positive. Maybe people could take something away from it.

So I shared it …

And then this comment comes in …

 “I am BEYOND thankful for what you do, Kerstin, and how you do it. What YOU do makes what I do so much easier!! Thank you and no, you can NOT give up!! xoxo ❤

And I realised, how far I’ve come & that I had to acknowledge that. For the first time.

We have to remind ourselves to celebrate every single win. No matter how small or big. To tell & encourage ourselves to keep going.

If you’re a Solopreneur (like me) & you don’t want to do this alone, find like-minded people who can do it WITH you.

Setting up your own online business isn’t easy. If it was, everyone would be doing it. (I know, I hear THAT a lot too!)

I believe it is DOable. If you surround yourself with the right people. People who have the same drive, ambitions, dreams & struggles (tech-wise or mind-wise).

There is this cosy little (& FREE) FB community I know of. 😉

If you get out of your own way, share your story, make connections, you might be surprised at the response.

Especially on a bad day!

So …

Connect with like-minded others,
keep going, keep believing, keep givingkeep trusting & do ONE little thing every day. For 365 days. Imagine what you could achieve in just ONE year! 

The other day someone asked me:

What advice would you give to someone who is struggling to believe in themselves? Have you had to overcome this?

My answer: 

Yes. Every single day. But I got better at it. Acknowledge the negative thoughts & doubts & then kick them in the butt & KEEP GOING. One step at a time. One day at a time.

I believe that I needed this BAD day.

But ONLY so I’ll appreciate & SEE when things are going right

It’s been two months since that day … & so much has happened & opportunities have shown up.

So, to finish up, let the words sink in …

Keep going.

Keep believing. 


TRUST that you CAN.

Don’t give up. 

Don’t be afraid.

You WILL get there.

You WILL find YOUR people.

YOUR people WILL find YOU. 

#theendandthebeginning ????

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Oh, & tell me …

When you had your last DOWN day, what did you do to snap out of it?

Tell me in the comments below. I’d REALLY like to know & I’m sure others would too. It could help us all for next time! 😉