I was chatting with a lovely friend the other day about the business and what I am doing. We got talking about our journeys and how we have grown to the people we are now and she told me I should write a book (she defo should too btw).

I actually began writing a book years ago and I told her this.

It got me thinking, I told her about my secret blog that I post in that I may at a future date publish, however, I haven’t yet shared it with anyone.

It has been very private and very personal. And when I mean personal, what I mean is it has been the depths of my mind and soul. My feelings and thoughts. Whether they are rational or not. The depths of my mind after I had my daughter, the real grit of my mind before I studied in NLP.

I explained this to her and told her I haven’t wanted to share this information with others before. I want to share this with you now because I want you to know that it is ok to feel the way we feel, it is normal.

We are human beings, our minds are designed for survival instincts, and yet now the survival is of ‘what others may think of us’ rather than to hunt for food and water.

I mulled over this for a few days and realised that I am speaking to women every day who face the struggles that I have written about in my ‘private’ blog. Women who daily connect with me on a soul level that is like no other.

I asked myself ‘Rebecca, why do you not share this information with others?’ and I realised it was because I was scared.

Because it did not fit into the realms of what I thought I wanted to offer as a ‘business’ how wrong was I.

I uncovered within myself this last week that what I am on this planet to do is to help you change your life. To serve women who need to believe in themselves, who desire richer lives and to shed a skin of doubt, worry, anxiety and fear.

I made the decision to begin writing to you, writing love letters, writing from my heart and my soul.

To share with you my deepest feelings and thoughts. I have done this because I want you to see me, see me thoroughly and understand me, but more than that, understand yourself.

My mind has not always been very pretty or loving or kind to me. My experiences and my actions throughout my life have been irrational and humiliating.

Through speaking to so many wonderful women I also know that this is true of others too, and what I ask for is a journal.

And to you, I am writing my journal.

This will take us in a different direction I am sure, this will take us in the direction that changes our lives.

It will bring to light the realness and the authentic Rebecca that you may have never seen or heard from before.

I am not really sure why I have never shared myself with you but I will now begin.

I feel emotional writing this and I hope I will continue to feel the raw gut feeling every time I write to you. It is real.

I feel the familiar feeling I have had throughout my life, when I have searched for my meaning, for my meaning as a human. I can feel it within me, this is it.

Because this is me, I am here to serve others who want to be real, authentic and have lives that they are truly living from within.

To you, my first love letter x