FE Playbook is a membership for women who are ready to create a business and life with purpose!!

change the way you think in order to breakthrough what you believe is possible, achieve your biggest dreams, and awaken your ultimate power!

What we stand for…

Do you hold yourself back in achieving your goals because you feel icky selling?

Do you need a push towards being VISIBLE & driving TRAFFIC to build your business & community?

Do you want to create MULTIPLE INCOME streams into your business?

Join The Female Entrepreneurs Playbook to gain more confidence in selling, push yourself to be visible and create multiple incomes into your business!

What is the FE Playbook?

In the first month, we launch THE BOOTCAMP!

Taking you through the key fundamentals of starting and scaling your business!

It doesn’t matter where you are in your business, you will see growth and development!

Month 1



Monthly Live group session


Module 1: Get comfortable with making money


Module 2: Attract your dream clients with ease


Module 3: Create Rapid Sales & Passive Income


Module 4: Automation & Systemization - Give yourself time back

Every month tap into…



Monthly group coaching to support you in your business!



Connect with female entrepreneurs across the globe



Roadmaps laid out for you to gain knowledge and training to apply straight into your business



Daily motivation to kick you up the ass to taking massive action!



Monthly masterclasses to learn all about growing a thriving business!



Hold yourself accountable each month to taking action and achieving your goals!

Every time we open our doors we launch The Bootcamp and as a member you can join in EVERY SINGLE TIME! 

Sound good?


You are ready to take action

You are committed to putting in the work

You will do whatever it takes to achieve your goals

You are NOT a marketer

You are NOT a sales person

You have been thinking of working with a coach but cannot afford the investment


You don’t believe you can make the time to take action on your business & life goals

You don’t take responsibility for the reason you haven’t already achieved your goals

You are not ready to step up your game

All of the resources you could possibly need to create a scalable, sustainable business! Here are just a few of the masterclasses you will find within the membership!



Support with Mindset, create a success plan, build motivation and have a support network backing you.


Courses or Memberships

Find out what will work the best for you in your business! Course or membership – or both! And then get the support to help you create it and launch!


Get Focused

Get a clear strategy on how to focus in your business, on your goals and in your life, be the most productive you have ever been and take massive action!


PR & Media

Have you ever thought of being featured in the media, or even in a book?! Get your PR story and plan together and get newsworthy!

Giving back

It is important to me that we are doing what we can, for ourselves. For our families, but also for others who may not be capable of finding the resources to achieve their goals. From 2018 each time we launch the FE Playbook your first months subscription will be donated to supporting women who once lived on the edge of survival. We will support women to start and run successful small businesses — grocery stores, sewing, creating handcrafts, and more. They’re making money to feed, clothe, and educate their children. This is something that is close to my heart, and I am sure you will agree, that it will be amazing to keep up with these women and see what businesses they are creating.

What Rebecca’s clients are saying…




“I no longer feel the anxious feeling around money”

“When I came across Rebecca I was very unsure where my business and to be honest my life, was going! I focused on where I was lacking and always felt as though I needed to find the next thing, I needed some direction and clarity. I have owned a beauty salon for 20 years and there have been many changes over the years, with this I lost my way and through working with Rebecca I’ve began to see clearly what I truly want and where I am going. I no longer feel the anxious feeling around money, and feel so much more relaxed about my income. I have gained more confidence, clarity, and I’ve taken massive action on achieving my goals on every level. Thank you Rebecca!” – Sarah, Beauty Salon Owner






“I have increased my hourly rate by over 200%”

“When I first came across Rebecca I was working 5am-11pm Mon – Mon with no breaks! I rarely saw friends and didn’t have quality time with my partner. I was completely fully booked in my business but completely burnt out and not seeing a return on my investment. After working with Rebecca my mindset seems to have changed, its like a switch has been turned on, it is so bizarre. I feel more confident and I have my plans set out for each area of life and I know what I need to do, no looking back now. I am only looking forward to the future. I am finally moving forward and no longer undervaluing myself or comparing myself to others. I have increased my hourly rate by over 200%, I am working less hours, I am spending much more quality time with my friends and family! I feel like I have a life! I just wanted to say a big thank you and I should have done this a long time ago! Thank you Rebecca.” – Caroline, Cake Business Owner



MORE Testimonials




“I now have more clients, I am doing what I love and I feel positive and determined.”

“When I first started working with Rebecca I felt really stuck, had no direction and didn’t know what to do to make my business a financial success. Rebecca not only helped pick apart the beliefs that were limiting me from achieving my potential, but were very strategic and action focussed allowing me to move forward by releasing limiting beliefs and having a solid step by step action plan putting structure and a solid base to my business. I now have more clients, I am doing what I love and I feel positive and determined. I feel so comfortable now, like I am in the driving seat of my business and life. The difference is my business now feels scaleable, sustainable and as though failure is impossible!” – Cat




Is there a time commitment?

No, you can join and leave whenever you want. If you decide after one month you want to leave you can, or if you decide after 12 months you want to leave then you can! Completely up to you!

How can you make it so affordable?

The program is affordable because there are a number of revenue streams within the business, we have masterclasses that cover all of this for you!

What happens if I cannot make a live coaching call?

All coaching calls are available on reply within the facebook group, so you can catch them any time!

Do I have to have a business already running for this to work for you?

No, you can be at any stage, even the ideas stage! We start off with a 4 section Bootcamp which takes you through all of the key fundamentals to growing your business, so this is where you can start to set up your business!

How do I set up the payment?

When you join us you will be given the option to set up your payment on either PayPal or Stripe.

Is this suitable for me if I have a product / service based business?

This program is suitable for all businesses! Whatever you do, we go through marketing, support, mindset and much much more!

Who is Rebecca the founder of FE Playbook?!

Hi lovely! I am Rebecca. I am a mother of 2 girls, a wife and I freaking love seeing other women succeed. Having started up various businesses AND failed in some of them…from the age of 17 I have been learning, developing and growing businesses from the ground up. Working in corporate sales for 8 years and not only being the best salesperson within the companies but also in the HISTORY of the companies I have worked in..and I am talking big blue-chip companies. I now team my business experience, with my sales experience, with my experience of needing more time as a mother to help other female entrepreneurs step up into the success they dream of and claim back time and happiness. I would love to see you on this journey with me. You are the reason I do what I do, you are the reason I go to work each day. To make this business journey an easier one for all of us. We can all do this together! You don’t have to go it alone! See you on the other side! Rebecca x