Here you can find all the things I love right now, all random stuff that has helped me curb my shiny object, multi-passionate self and get the latest scoop of offers, what I’m up to & where to find me next!

To my Girls

To my girls. Don't ever let anyone tell you-you cannot do something. Not even yourself. There will be days that you may doubt yourself and days where life may feel difficult. You may feel like giving up on many occasions and people on the outside may say things and...
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My Imposter Syndrome

Today I feel at one. I can feel how my life has changed direction and what would once have frightened me now enlightens me. I feel as if I am living my life’s purpose and I am doing what I have always meant to be doing. I feel no resistance to change but to embrace it...
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When I was 11 a man attempted to abduct me

Why do we do the things we do in life? Why do we act the way in which we do? Why do we put ourselves down and really underestimate our abilities and the things we can really achieve if we just put our minds to it and crack on? Lack of self-belief. Lack of confidence....
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This Day

 Today it rains and I feel familiar feelings. Feelings of happiness, of peace and of stillness. Of knowing, of really knowing. Knowing what I am and who I am. I look outside and can see a puddle, the water and circles that ripple instantaneously. How does that water...
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My First Love Letter

I was chatting with a lovely friend the other day about the business and what I am doing. We got talking about our journeys and how we have grown to the people we are now and she told me I should write a book (she defo should too btw). I actually began writing a book...
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What do you really want from your life?

What do you really want from your life? Why are you living the way you do when you know you are not truly satisfied. You live from day to day wondering what is going on in the world. Where will it take you? If you are not truly happy then you are wasting your life?...
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Your Heart Knows the Answer

Happiness used to be something I thought was a goal, something to be reached. My beautiful daughter Eva Rose came into the world in June 2015 and I am not really sure what happened. A whole shift happened inside of me. Like something was trying to get out that hadn’t...
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This week Wow this last month has been crazy!   Certainly the most fulfilling career-wise this year!   I have just completed my coaching and NLP Practitioner training and cannot believe how amazing and effective the tools are. I am officially an NLP Coach...
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Remind yourself daily how amazing you are

QUICK TIP What is driving you forward in your business and life? Some days can be absolutely amazing and others we can find ourselves wondering why we are doing what we are doing and how are we capable of achieving the results we really want in life. Sometimes just a...
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