To my girls.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you-you cannot do something. Not even yourself.

There will be days that you may doubt yourself and days where life may feel difficult. You may feel like giving up on many occasions and people on the outside may say things and sway you in all sorts of directions. But never soak it up.

Never allow yourself to be influenced by anyone else but yourself.

Always do what feels right, but that also feels a little scary but empowering. Life is for living, so live it. Have fun, don’t be too serious all the time.

Live as the person that you want to be, say the things that you want to say and never be afraid or embarrassed by what others may think of you and your opinions.

Your opinions matter and you matter, your voice matters.

You are capable of anything you dream of, anything you set your heart on. Never allow anyone to tell you any different. Not anyone! Not even your mother.

Always remember that everyone around you really are doing the best that they can with what they have available in the moment and never hold on to grudges.

We are who we are and all people are kind even if they don’t always seem it.

You be kind, be generous and always make people smile. You have a beautiful laugh, use it, every day, spread the sound of your beauty far and wide.

You are beautiful, you really and truly are beautiful, on the outside and the inside.

Sometimes people will not understand you, and that is ok. Don’t take notice of hurtful comments, or people who misunderstand you, they just don’t understand themselves yet, it’s ok, they soon will learn. You just focus on spreading your joy, and beauty.

Always live as the person you dream to be, and remember there are no limits to who she is, as she is you and you create her in any given moment of time. I love you, now you go out there and love the world. If you are ever in doubt, follow your dreams, they will always know the way.