What do you really want from your life? Why are you living the way you do when you know you are not truly satisfied. You live from day to day wondering what is going on in the world.

Where will it take you? If you are not truly happy then you are wasting your life? How long are you going to live like this before something has to give? How long are you going to go day to day before you get to the end of life and you have not done any of the things you seriously wanted to do?

What is life to you? What does it mean? Why does it mean that? Do you want to change your life? do you want to feel fulfilled and rich with experiences every day? Then why aren’t you? What are you waiting for?

Why are you wasting your life and your time?

What is the point, what is the point of being, of being here, of being a human?

Do you enjoy your days and your feelings? Do you feel as though you have a purpose, do you feel as though you are living your mission, is there something more that you itch for, that you want that you know deep within yourself you should be achieving?

You should really be doing something different but you haven’t got off your backside to actually do something about it. You have thought about it, thought about it for far too long without doing anything.


Imagine yourself at your funeral, what are people saying, what did you think of in the seconds before you went, in the moments before you realized that this is it. You have no more opportunities now and the time is up. Why do you have to wait for that, why do you have to wait for approval from others to live your dreams? These are your dreams, they are not anyone else’s.

It is you that has to take action, you that has to go and do something to really make a difference. You that can decide what people say about you at your funeral. You that decides right now whether in those last moments you have, you can honestly feel and believe that you have lived your life from within, with purpose, and with the passion you truly wanted.

Why are you holding yourself back? Why are you letting your ego take over and encompass and wilt your dreams?

Live your life before the world takes you.

What is your meaning on this earth?

Live it, be it and stop wasting your time.