Why do we do the things we do in life?

Why do we act the way in which we do?

Why do we put ourselves down and really underestimate our abilities and the things we can really achieve if we just put our minds to it and crack on?

Lack of self-belief.

Lack of confidence.

I used to think I was a really confident person like there was no stopping me. I was going to take over the world, be a millionaire by the time I was 30 and I was on fire.

You know what, I still held myself back, held myself back from the possibilities. From what I was really capable of doing, from really digging down deep and understanding myself and my values.

I just didn’t know it at the time.

Does this sound familiar? Do you hold yourself back in any way?

What is your biggest dream? What is your biggest desire?

If there was nothing stopping you, no limits what would you do? What would you achieve and how would you do it? Why are you not already doing this?

When I was 11 a man attempted to abduct me, I never used to share this story as It scared me. It scared me to share it with other people and to really open myself up to other people.


I fought for my life and I escaped. For years after I thought I should not be here.

Up until this last year actually.

What If I had not have got away and I had of been murdered?

What if something else would have happened.

For a long time in my life, I felt as though I shouldn’t be living it. As though I was cheating.

Cheating because I could and maybe should have been gone.

It was only recently that I came to my senses that my belief was completely denying me of achieving the things I really desire in life.

I didn’t believe I deserved the happiness that I have and so I began to self-sabotage.

To tell myself that things were wrong in my life, focus on all of the negative and bad things. stupid things might I add.

I have an amazing husband, beautiful daughter and things really couldn’t be much better. I mean there is always room for improvement but when you focus on all of the things that are amazing in your life we open ourselves up to the possibilities and opportunities that we could not see before.

When we live in a state of gratefulness there is no room for negativity.

Our beliefs and our values in life make us who we are, we act in accordance with what we believe in a conscious and an unconscious way.

Through Neuro-Linguistic Programming I programmed myself and my mind to understand where I held myself back and to unpick these beliefs that had formed from my childhood and my past.

There are many more stories I can share with you but now is not the right time.

There is so much more of my life that I do not yet feel is appropriate to share, but let me tell you this.

You can be whatever you want to be, you can live your dream. It is possible and If you need a nudge to help see the opportunity, let me help you build your door.