This week

Wow this last month has been crazy!


Certainly the most fulfilling career-wise this year!


I have just completed my coaching and NLP Practitioner training and cannot believe how amazing and effective the tools are.

I am officially an NLP Coach and Time Line Therapist Practitioner!

Wow, sounds posh, doesn’t it? Bit of a mouth full!

I am always so sceptical yet these exercises are so simple, so unintrusive and so bloody effective!

I can help people who want to overcome a fear, let go of unwanted negative emotions and unscramble the noise that goes on in our heads. Reveal and Simply thoughts!

My accomplishments in just the last 3 weeks are phenomenal:

I have helped so many individuals already;

Overcome a phobia of spiders

A coca cola addiction that was getting out of hand

Coached to elicit values in work and life

Coached on business challenges

Coached on overcoming obstacles

Coached on overcoming barriers and limiting beliefs

Coached on strategy and assigning tasks to reach goals

Carried out Time Line Therapy to overcome a limiting decision to lose weight

Turned procrastination into momentum and motivation

Turned conflict of decision-making upside down to reveal calm and clear thinking

Elicited buying strategies to enable a smoother, happier sales process and customer journey

Coached on Overcoming self-belief

Coached business owners to set BIG SCARY goals and worked on strategy to achieve these

And that is not it, the list goes on.

I feel as though I have been searching for Coaching and NLP for years.

I feel at peace, I have found a skill that enables me to support, challenge, reveal and simplify the true potential of individuals.

I look forward to many more years of revealing and simplifying the mind and soul.

How exciting!

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