An Intro to NLP: And how to use it practically in business and Life

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What we will be working on…

What is NLP?


Within this section, you will learn what NLP is and how it was created and you will learn how Sarah used the power of language from NLP. You will learn how the unconscious mind plays the biggest role in our lives and how Chido experienced a huge breakthrough from that knowledge alone. We will discuss how beliefs are formed and how we create our model of the world and understand how Julie made shifts in her life just from learning about how beliefs and values are formed!

How to use NLP practically in life 


Now you have learnt about how we create our model of the world we will now dive into the presuppositions of NLP and how you can apply this to your life right now. This is a practical session where you will understand how Charlotte experienced a deep dive into personal development and Natalie evaluated her whole life through the personal development work of NLP. You will learn how to become more self-aware like Natalie did using the presuppositions of NLP. 

How to use NLP practically in business


Now you understand the presuppositions of NLP you will learn how this applies to business as well as personal life. You will learn how Holly integrated the NLP content into her existing business. You will learn how to operate from a psychology and physiology of excellence and how that supported Alison to move forward with her business. You will learn how to gain new resources and confidence through NLP and how Donna utilised this to support herself and her clients in her business. 

Hey! I’m Rebecca.


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Join this FREE Training and Learn How NLP Can Help You