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The Female’s Handbook: Step in to your Personal Potential

Step into your personal potential alongside Rebecca Lockwood, multi-award-winning NLP Mindset Coach. Take action on your biggest boldest dreams and believe in what’s possible. You can change the world with just an idea. You do not need to search outside of yourself for meaning, the miracle you seek is already within you now.

Use this handbook as a tool to support you to step into your personal potential. Whatever your dream – Making more money, to travel the world, to support your family, to build a successful business that gives you the freedom and entrepreneur lifestyle you dream of this handbook will support you.

Create your own 90 day Personal Potential Routine and remove the fears, breakthrough limiting beliefs and motivate yourself to bridge the gap between where you are now, and where you want to be.

I cannot wait to see your journey unfold.

1. Speaking Topics:

Imposter Syndrome and why it’s a big fat lie!

When it comes to mindset in your business imposter syndrome can creep up out of nowhere causing you to sabotage everything you have worked for. 
Have you ever found yourself saying “Who do I think I am to be able to achieve that..?” or “I will never be able to do that so I may as well never try” 
Sometimes this can be completely out of our awareness feeling like a brick wall, being stuck or just a lack of motivation in general. You still act in accordance with the belief of not feeling good enough or worthy of the success you have created causing you to close your business, procrastinate, miss potential sales or deals and not implement to your full potential.
From having a thriving business projected to turn over almost £1million in my 5 year plan I sabotaged everything I had worked towards for over 3 years after telling myself I no longer wanted the business and closed it down. Imposter syndrome at it’s finest. After learning the tools and techniques I teach in this workshop my training business is now set to reach over £1.2 million in sales in the coming 12 months. 
Within this workshop you will learn how to overcome limiting beliefs and remove imposter syndrome for good, how to support yourself with negative inner self-talk and gain the confidence and know-how to step into your potential and follow your biggest, boldest dreams and goals. 

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Rebecca is an award-winning Neuro Linguistic Programming & Coach Trainer & the founder of The Female Entrepreneurs Network. She’s been featured on the BBC, Cosmopolitan, Stylist, Glamour, Marie Claire, Womens Health and more as an expert in mindset, personal development and entrepreneurship. Rebecca works with thought leaders, high achievers, celebrities and influencers to support growth and leadership.
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Kirklees College:

Rebecca delivered a fantastic sales master class to a group of 20 learners from the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy at Kirklees College. Rebecca delivered a bespoke session designed to enthuse and engage the class, it was jam-packed and an excellent pace- after the session my students commented that they ‘had learnt a MASSIVE amount’ and also ‘really,really,really enjoyed it’!

The session was fully interactive – as part of the session learners created their own bespoke sales pitch, which is brilliant, as they will be able to put into practical use with their start-up businesses. Students were also given the opportunity to try out their skills in role play activities, Rebecca offered gentle guidance, coaching and was very encouraging.

Rebecca is a gifted orator and has a fabulous way of explaining complexities, giving practical examples. She is equally entertaining as she is informative and I would not hesitate to recommend her.

The Elite Network:

Rebecca gave her talk at the Elite Network and had the guests who attended warmed to her instantly. She spoke from the heart and shared her own journey which so many resonated with. She brought a beautiful and different insight to self-love and being confident with showing up as your true self. Ending the talk with a guided meditation. Thank you again for your eye (and heart!) opening talk.


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