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The Female's Handbook: Step in to your Personal Potential

Step into your personal potential alongside Rebecca Lockwood, award winning NLP Mindset Coach. Take action on your biggest boldest dreams and believe in what’s possible. You can change the world with just an idea. You do not need to search outside of yourself for meaning, the miracle you seek is already within you now.Use this handbook as a tool to support you to step into your personal potential. Whatever your dream – Making more money, to travel the world, to support your family, to build a successful business that gives you the freedom and entrepreneur lifestyle you dream of this handbook will support you.Create your own 90 day Personal Potential Routine and remove the fears, breakthrough limiting beliefs and motivate yourself to bridge the gap between where you are now, and where you want to be.I cannot wait to see your journey unfold.


Fearless Females: Stories of Female Entrepreneurs Relentless in their pursuit of success

Fearless Females: Stories of Female Entrepreneurs Relentless in their pursuit of success curated by Rebecca Lockwood. Eleven women share their journey of entrepreneurism, of what being a woman in business really takes and how they overcame the trauma’s in their lives to shine light on others. These women truly are relentless in their pursuit of success and when others may have given up, these women used their failures and setbacks as drivers to move forward and take action.

These amazing women have told their stories and haven’t left anything out. Sharing with you what it really means to be successful – whatever success means to you whilst giving you actionable tips and business support to go away and implement into your own business and life!

Thank you to our authors Angela Hamilton, Christie Adams, Claire Ashton, Donna Wojtas, Faye Edwardes, Jannina Beckett, Jessica Joy Reveles, Mira Joleigh, Shari Sant, Sheree Murray and Veronica Yanhs.


The Mindset Edit

This magazine is filled with inspirational, educational articles from Rebecca Lockwood and the Female Entrepreneurs Team about mindset, mental health, confidence and has been created to support you to understand how your mind works, why it works that way and to empower you to help yourself.


Signature Sales Success Strategy: Create & Sell Your Coaching Program With Rebecca Lockwood

How to start and grow a successful coaching business, from someone who’s done it.

I’m really excited to take you through the steps in this book because I have found myself having these conversations so often with my friends who are coaches, with my students and it always frustrates me when people don’t just take the action and implement. The truth is though, people don’t implement because they think it’s too easy, and it must be harder. Society teaches us that things must be hard, and we must work hard to be a success.

Yes we must work, and we also must live. Remember that easy doesn’t always mean straight forward. I’m pretty sure that’s why you started your coaching business, because you wanted to just do you and you wanted to help people.

In the past 3 years I have done over a million pounds in sales within my coaching business, which I just cannot even put into words how grateful I am for this. It’s not always been an easy journey as I will share with you in these pages and I will also be sharing with you what I did to overcome my own limitations and pushed through so that you can too.